Kid A @ Fulton Street Collective

Kid A (Radiohead)
All tracks arranged by Lily Floeter except for Everything In It’s Right Place (arr. Justin Amolsch) and Treefingers (arr. Airan Wright)

Lily Floeter, Flute
Laura Perkett, Oboe
Colleen Corning-Griggs, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Justin Amolsch, Horn
Airan Wright, Bassoon/Bari Sax

Treefingers (for wind dectet)

Treefingers (Radiohead)
Arranged by Airan Wright
Videography by Matthew Shelton, Flex Your Love Muscles Studios
Photography by Susie Inverso, Crimson Cat Studios

Lily Floeter – Flute, Piccolo
Laura Perkett – Oboe, English Horn
Colleen Griggs – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Justin Amolsch – Horn, Trumpet
Airan Wright – Bassoon, Soprano Saxophone

Ravenswood Winds Play Radiohead @ Evanston SPACE

Meeting in the Aisle (Airbag/How Am I Driving?, 1998)
Creep (Pablo Honey, 1993)
Myxomatosis (Hail to the Thief, 2003)
Nice Dream (The Bends, 1995)
Motion Picture Soundtrack (Kid A, 2000)
Just (The Bends, 1995)
Kid A – Everything In Its Right Place (Kid A, 2000)
Treefingers (Kid A, 2000)
Knives Out (Amnesiac, 2001)
Fake Plastic Trees (The Bends, 1995)
Wolf at the Door (Hail to the Thief, 2003)
Paranoid Android (OK Computer, 1997)
Karma Police (OK Computer, 1997)

Arrangements by:
Justin Amolsch: Myxomatosis, Just, Everything In Its Right Place, Fake Plastic Trees, Wolf at the Door, Paranoid Android, Karma Police
Lily Floeter: Creep, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Kid A, Knives Out
Airan Wright: Meeting in the Aisle, Nice Dream, Treefingers